Universities & 
heatre Companies

Bring Jane in to reinforce and expand your acting classes.

Jane has taken her workshops and classes to over 50 colleges and universities over the years. Courses Offered are Cold Reading, Monologue, Scene Study, Camera: TV, Film & Commercials, Superscenes, and Career and Life Planning for Actors. These are an excellent way to augment an acting class or as a path of study for intersessions.


Jane will work with you and your acting company.

Pro, semi-pro and community theaters can offer Jane’s workshops so that their actors can broaden and strengthen their acting skills; Cold Reading, Monologue, and Scene Study.


Study with Jane yourself to expand your teaching range.

Teachers and directors can participate in two classes, Superscenes or Career and Life Planning for Actors at Summer Retreats. Special attention and instruction will be given to teachers who wish to teach these classes at their institutions.