If you plan to act, make sure you act with a plan.

". . . An extremely practical and helpful guide for the young actor embarking on a professional acting career . . . I wish such a book existed when I was graduating.”

Lucien Douglas, Head of Acting, University of Texas, Austin

Here's the  #1 complaint from theatre graduates:  "I don't feel prepared for the real world."  The Actor’s Business Plan offers a road map.  Get the guide that will inspire you to follow your own vision & help you harness the power of a five-year career plan.

Acclaimed Actors Praise for The Actor's Business Plan!
Michael Shannon, Academy Award-nominated, Golden Globe-nominated actor:  “Jane Brody took me by the hand as a teacher and casting director, and led me from obscurity and destitution to a career as an actor, which was no mean feat. Even today, years after leaving her class, I find myself relying on the principles and ideas she presented to her students, which I may never have encountered otherwise.”

Eric Stonestreet, two-time Emmy Award-winner for Outstanding Supporting Actor:  "I’m glad Jane Brody is sharing her expertise and no-nonsense approach to show business with this book. As a former student, I was able to use her principles early on in my career and there is no doubt that she helped prepare me for the long, winding, up-and-down path that eventually lead to my role on Modern Family.”

Harry Lennix, actor, Man of Steel, The Matrix: Reloaded, The Matrix: Revolution:  “Jane Brody is a defender and champion of all that makes an actor capable of a great career. She is an artist’s best friend: a liberator and a disciplinarian, a zealot and a traditionalist, a constant student, and a master of field. Read this book. There is wisdom within.”