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"In college, one of [Joe] Keery's professors, whom he describes as 'genius,' made him complete a five-year plan and most of it is coming true. That professor was Jane Brody...." ~ from a Chicago Tribune interview with actor Joe Keery of the hit Netflix series Stranger Things. READ MORE

Jane Drake Brody’s achievements encompass a life of dealing with the Art, Science and Business of Acting.  From directing (and costuming) Bye Bye, Birdie! at age sixteen in high school, to the recent publication of two landmark books; "The Actor’s Business Plan" and "Acting, Archetype and Neuroscience", she has literally transformed the lives and careers of thousands of actors.


After working as an actor, agent, director, costumer, and producer, her life’s journey took a determined step forward when she studied with and served as assistant to Michael Shurtleff, author of the precedent-setting actor’s bible, Audition. That relationship brought about the founding of Acting Studio Chicago (neè The Audition Centre) in 1981 and PR Casting (neè Jane Brody Casting) in 1984.


Leaving those thriving enterprises in the late 90s, she earned her MFA while teaching at Illinois State University. She then headed up Undergraduate Acting at Louisiana State followed by teaching undergrads and grads at DePaul’s Theatre School Conservatory. Along the way she has been an actor in film, TV and commercials, won awards for casting (Casting Society of America for Fargo) and acting (LA Weekly’s Best Actress Award for Absent Friends).


Now, despite her “retirement” she continues to teach workshops, classes and private coaching based on her scrutiny of existing acting theory merged with her innovative research into neuroscience and archetype.